5 Useful Tips On How You Can Secure A Job Abroad

Working in another country is a fascinating experience, but it can be a great challenge from a professional and cultural point of view. You will agree with me that the great challenge starts with how to find work abroad.


It is a search that can be somewhat complex, but we trust that these 5 tips will help you specify and focus the strategy to get the job of your dreams abroad.

1. List your main skills and talents
Knowing your added value as a professional is basic. Often, as a foreigner, you have qualities that are different – and very desirable – to those of native professionals.


The most obvious is probably the mastery of the language and knowledge of the culture of a foreign country (yours) and your intercultural competencies.

Surely the knowledge and skills acquired in your country of origin can enrich the processes and the environment of the company in which you work.


My recommendation is that you make a list of the main qualities and competencies that you can contribute to a company. Forget modesty, but stay realistic.

That list will help you sell better at job interviews. Some of what it can contain is:

  • Intrinsic skills such as organization, adaptation, learning, strategic mentality.
  • Intercultural competences (for example, stays abroad).
  • Language Management
  • Mastery of processes and tools.
  • Specialized knowledge of a specific sector.

2. Self-knowledge
One point that is very important is to be clear about what you want. To do this you have to know yourself well and know what kind of job you need.

Remember that it is not about finding only a “food” job (because you have to eat), but about gradually taking the steps to find the ideal job.

However, experience has shown me that this is a process and that it is rarely achieved with the first interview or the first job and it has nothing wrong.

The point is that you know what you want to achieve and how you can do to get that job closer and closer to your vision of the ideal job.

3. Legal framework
It is important that you take into account the laws of the country you are going in regarding employment for foreigners, certification, and approvals.

It is possible to authorize you to work in your career, this foreign country requires you a series of requirements to meet.

I will not extend here, because each country and profession has its own regulations; But it is essential that you investigate what is applicable in your case and do the necessary procedures to ensure that you can work without problem in your area of ​​expertise.

Very well, suppose you already have everything very clear and it is time to move on to the active job search. Keep reading, I have two excellent suggestions.

4. International employment portals
Thanks to the help of portals and global employment platforms, you can access international offers even before leaving your home country.

5. Multinationals
It is often easy to find work abroad through a local multinational that is also in the country of destination.

This is especially effective if you are currently working or at the time you worked for one of them since you can most likely apply for a vacancy abroad.

Get in touch with recruiters, they will surely give you information and tips on job offers, and they will also put you in touch with their counterparts abroad.

Well, we hope these 5 concise tips help you succeed in your job search abroad.