All You Need To Know About Australia’s Student Visa

Student Visa Australia


The first thing you need to start your adventure in Australia is a visa. It is possible that no one has told you before, although precisely for this we are: without a visa you will not be able to enter this paradise.

One of the advantages of student visa in Australia  is that it allows you to work . Yes, unlike other countries, the Australian government lets you work part-time so you can combine studies and work. It is perfect!


Below we explain everything you need to know about the student visa in Australia:

What can I study in Australia with a student visa?


The most common studies among our students are English courses and VET professional courses in public and private institutions. You can also consider taking university studies related to your career, such as a specialization or a Master.

If your level of English is good, you can study anything that comes to mind. And if you have difficulties with the language, don’t worry! Sign up for an English course and see how fast you improve the language.

You can combine the courses you want to create an ideal curriculum for you. For example, you can study an English course to put the batteries and then a preparatory course for IELTS or Cambridge or else you can enroll in an English course and then a yoga course. There are a thousand combinations!

Once you get this super visa you can live and work in Australia for the duration of your course , which can last from three months … up to four years!

We will adjust to your budget, your personal goals and your professional goals. We have agreements with more than 100 institutions around Australia, so … you ask and we will help you!

 Processes involved in applying for Australia student visa?

It is very easy !  The first thing you should know is that we are experts in the management of the student visa – better known in the Anglo-Saxon world as the Student Visa -, so if you want to embark on the adventure, do not hesitate to send us a signal to guide you and Let’s take you to Australia hand in hand.

To get an idea, these are the steps we are going to follow:

1. We will decide which Australian city best suits you.
2. We will choose the  course you want to study.
3. We will limit how long you want to live in Australia . It can’t be forever …!
4. We will decide which Australian city best suits you.
5. We will review the budgets of the courses in the best Australian schools.
6. We will enroll you in the school of your choice.
7. We will contract the mandatory medical insurance for you.
8. We will fill out the student visa application, review it and send it.
9. Once you have approved your student visa in Australia, you will buy your plane ticket!
10. We will assign you a Collaborator to receive you in Australia.
11. You will reserve a hostel to spend your first nights in paradise.
12. You will prepare the suitcase and … to fly!

If you like the idea of ​​studying and working in this country, we will help you apply for the best visa to study in Australia, which is none other than the student visa, and we know that it is just what you are looking for!

If you keep reading, it’s because you’re looking forward to telling you everything you need to know about how to start this adventure, change your air, get out of your comfort zone and improve your English at once, isn’t it?

Ah! And we let you know well in advance : you’ll be so comfortable living in Australia that you don’t want to leave paradise. Maybe you will but you will miss us. And not just us. You will miss life in Australia. And you will want to come back. Wow if you want to come back!

In this case, do not worry. We will also help you renew your student visa when the time come.

Working Holiday Visa Australia
You can also apply for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia. This country of Oceania keeps in its sleeve such spectacular places as the Great Barrier Reef, the Twelve Apostles or Sydney, but traveling is not as economical as one would expect. Therefore, a good way to get to know it thoroughly is to travel and work thanks to this visa.

The Australian visa for Spaniards has a duration of 12 months, but you can extend it another year if you have worked for 88 days in jobs related to agriculture, tourism and/or restoration in the northern part of Australia.

The requirements to access the Working Holiday Visa for Spaniards in Australia are a bit more demanding than the previous ones. In 2016, 600 places were granted for citizens of Spain between 18 and 31 years old.

To be accepted, at least two years of higher education and a level of functional English that the government determines (a score of 4.5 in IELTS or a score of 133 on the TOEFL classroom exam, for example), among others, must be accredited, among others. conditioning.

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