Canada Student Visa – How To Apply

Over 200,000 international students prefer Canadian Universities yearly. In the world’s best Universities rankings, Canadian universities have over 26 universities listed. That’s proof of the high-quality teaching and academic system run in Canada. This text will show you ways to use for Canada Student Visa.


Canada features a very welcoming attribute to international students with flexible study patterns and free offers like loans, grants, or free health care.

When it comes right down to choice making, Canada would always be preferred by the bulk of international students as the first choice.


Are you thinking of how best to get a student visa? Canada is that the very first thought that involves the mind. you’ll also wonder how difficult it is often. After browsing this text, you’ll be able to start and acquire your visa in no time.

The steps you’ll get to fancy enable you to accumulate your Canada student visa very easily are listed below.
• Choose your preferred university, apply to urge your acceptance letter.
Choosing your University is that the very initiative you would like to require to work out how briskly you get your student visa. you’ll apply for a student visa after you’ve got selected which university you’d want to attend, send your application, and collect an acceptance letter.
Make sure to supply everything needed including your school transcript, proof of monetary status, and lots of other things. After being accepted you’d receive an acceptance letter that’s required for the scholar visa application.
• Canada student visa application
After getting your acceptance letter from your preferred university, the subsequent step is going to be to proceed to the appliance for your Canada student visa. A student visa is additionally known locally as a student permit (an authorization or permission to review in Canada.)


Steps to Get Your Student Visa
Apply online: This is often done under citizenship and immigration Canada(CIC)websites
Apply on paper: If your Internet isn’t so strong in your area, applying on paper is your best bet.
• Provide an acceptance letter from a delegated university recognized by the Canadian government.
• Provide evidence of adequate financial status for your studies. They have to be convinced that you simply can look out for your finance while in Canada for your studies. (Both tuition and living expenses.)
• you’ve got no record
• Health record: you’ll get to show an entire checkup to prove you’re in healthiness and not terminally ill.

According to recent visa regulations, If you’ve got relations working or applying for work permits in Canada the appliance for your study permits is going to be processed in a fortnight.

Your visa is often renewed if your program has an extension otherwise you changed your study institution. an equivalent is applicable for continuation in studies.

The student’s permit expires 90 days after your studies are finished you’ll still stay in Canada to travel, explore, or apply for a piece permit which allows you to require full-time or part-time jobs. you’ll even be self-employed.
Prepare all required documents for the scholar visa in Canada

Some of the documents you’ll require for your Canada student visa application include;
• Properly filled student permit form.
• Original admission letter from the university
• Passport/travel document which allows you to return to your country after your studies are completed. (If you’re from the united state, this is often not important )
• Two recent passport-sized photographs together with your name and date of birth written at the rear.
• Proof of monetary record.
• Letter of intent and proof that you simply paid the scholar permit fee(usually around 150USD)

Except you’re from an English-speaking country, Canadian universities would require you to submit proof of English proficiency. Some accepted language tests are
The language test isn’t one among the necessities for the appliance but it is a requirement for a few universities in Canada which is very hooked into your country of origin.

Depending on your home country requirement, you would possibly need to show up at the visa application center to possess your biometrics taken.

After submitting your Canadian student visa, the time interval may take up to about 90 days and you’ll be likely involved in an interview, this relies on your country.

If you have any questions regarding your Canada student visa application, drop a comment, and that we will certainly answer them.