How long to get Canada citizenship?

Canada in recent times has opened its doors to the world allowing thousands of skilled, semi-skilled persons and families to see, reside (either temporarily or permanently) and ultimately become Canadian citizens if you satisfy any of her criteria/requirements.


Today, more and more people visit and apply for different visa classes (immigration, student, work, etc.. ) to Canada annually and many are still aspiring to go into the country.

The country is big and beautiful no doubt they have a great labor market for investors, businessmen or women or for people who are only seeking to work and settle in Canada. A lot of visas, immigration, and student scholarship applications have been set in motion to help bring in foreigners who wish to ply their trade in the nation.


Depending on what your aims are for arriving in Canada the country is always eager to welcome you or send you back if your goal is bad. You’re given a temporary visa as a student, employee, businessman/woman, tourist or a visitor, which means at some stage in your stay that you need to leave the nation back to a home country.

This guide is focused on giving you details about how to become a Canadian citizen following the proper steps and processes.


To become a citizen of Canada you need to first obtain a Permanent Resident (PR) Card that’s also like citizenship. This means you would have to be living in Canada and also you must have remained for a time period.

The PR allows’ you reside, work and study in Canada on a permanent basis. It permits you to enjoy similar privileges as a Canadian citizen would, but it won’t let you vote or run for any electoral offices or apply for a few defense tasks.

It is possible to alter your Canadian status if you have stayed in Canada for a period of time as a permanent resident so that you can enjoy all the advantages.

What’s the period of time it would take to acquire a Citizenship for a PR?
So many would want to be addressed as Citizens and might not just be okay with being a Permanent Resident, in this scenario you can proceed to file for citizenship once you meet all the requirements.

Which means you have to have spent 3 decades or longer in Canada on a permanent resident status before you may apply.

Key Requirement
*You will require a PR card
*The number of years or the period you have resided in Canada.
*Tax listing in your earnings.
*Proficiency in English Language or French.
*No criminal records of you
*You must have a good knowledge of Canada.

So, this is basically all you need to know about how much time it would take for a taxpayer in Canada. I hope it will help.