How to apply for a Canadian passport for your child

Do you want a better life for your child? Do you want to give your children the opportunities you never had by taking them to live and grow up in Canada? The information you will find here will help you take your children to Canada to live, study, and grow up in a better environment with better healthcare and education.


Canadian passports for children are for children not more than 16 years old. It carries a 5 years validity in which after then, you apply for a new one because it’s not renewable. For adults, Canadian passport holders must be Canadian citizens who are at least 16 years old. Passports are required to travel in and out of Canada.

You will be expected to have all the documents used to apply for the old one but in an updated version. Children over the age of 16 must apply for their own passports.


Canadian children passport

Requirement and Documents
*Proof of Canadian citizenship
*A valid document that authenticates your identity
*Two identical passport photographs
*Proof of parentage or legal guardian.
*A valid and recent Canadian travel document issued to you in your name.
*Your application form signed within the past 12 months and duly certified by a guarantor.
*Additional documents may be required (Such as language test score) in their original copies, and those not written in English or French will   be submitted along with a proper translation.


Apply For A Canadian Passport For My Child
Who is a guarantor?
Guarantor for a child must be above 18 years and he or she must be aware you have a child for at least 2 years. The guarantor has to sign a section of the application form meant for them. rite “I certify this to be a true likeness of (applicant name)” on the back of one of your passport photos and sign it. And lastly, the guarantor must sign all the photocopies of any identity documents.

How do you submit your documents?
Before you submit your document, you must ensure you have the original copies of the document. Although you may submit photocopies only if it is duly signed by your guarantor. However, if you submit original documents, you will get them again after your application has been reviewed. You can submit your application along with your documents either in person or by mail.

The basic fee for passports are:
5-year adult passport – $120
10-year adult passport – $160
Child passport (0-15 years old) – $57.