How to apply for a Canadian passport

Canada issues e-passport to it’s citizens. The e-passport is just like the 36 page book but it has data chip on it. The e-passport contains basic information which can be used to ascertain a person’s identity.


When you travel across countries, as a citizen of Canada, you are required to have your passport with you as a means of identification. Before you are allowed into a country, you will be required to provide your passport which will be scanned to determine your identity.

According to Montreal-based financial firm Arton Capital’s Global Passport Index, the Canadian passport is valued as the 10th best in the world.


With a Canadian passport, you can visit over 114 different countries without a visa.

What are the benefits of having a Canadian passport?

  1. To help identify you and reduce fraud or identity theft.
  2. A Canadian passport is used to identify Canadian citizens anywhere in the world
  3. An e-Passport helps to uniquely identify a person’s country of origin, which country a traveler is coming from, and where they are going.
  4. Enhanced Privacy protection
  5. Ease of handling entry and exit at border controls with automated passport readers.

Requirement and Documents Needed to Apply for a Canadian Passport

  1. Proof of Canadian citizenship
  2. A valid document that authenticates your identity
  3. Two identical passport photograph
  4. A valid and recent Canadian travel document issued to you in your name.
  5. Your application form signed within the past 12 months and duly certified by a guarantor.
  6. Additional documents may be required (Such as language test score) in their original copies, and those not written in English or French will be submitted along with a proper translation.

Steps To Get Your Own Canadian Passport

To apply for a Canadian passport, you must be 16 years and above, and a Canadian citizen. Parents or guardians may apply for their young children. Here a few steps to apply with

  • Download or get the Application form from IRCC official website, or the Passport office directly.
  • Fill out the form correctly and sign each page of the application form.
  • Attach all documents that are vital along with the form, especially the 2 identical passport photographs.
  • Get a guarantor and 2 references that will help confirm your identity.
    Your guarantor can be:
    • Anyone who has known you for at least 2 years;
    • Must be a Canadian citizen above 18 years;
    • Should have a valid Canadian passport, or at least have a passport that has not expired for more than a year.
  • Submit your application to the appropriate Passport office or portal, and pay all the required fees.
  • Pick up your new passport.