How to move from US to Canada

Recently, many residents and also citizens of the United States have indicated an interest in moving to Canada. Canada has a serene atmosphere that is welcoming to all, Americans included. So moving from the US to Canada is not a bad idea. Details of how you can move to Canada from the US are found in this article, just read through.


How much it cost to move from the US to Canada
It is vital to submit government processing fees along with your visa applications. The fees to be paid are basically the same irrespective of your nationality. The fees are only different for the type of immigration you are eligible to apply for.

Applying for a Canadian work permit costs in the region of $155 (One hundred and fifty-five Dollars) while a Canadian study permit costs around $150 (One hundred and fifty dollars)


If you are applying for permanent residency, you will pay a Right os Permanent Residency fee of $490 (Four hundred and ninety Dollars) when your application for permanent residency has been approved.

Moving from the US to Canada as an International Student
Studying in Canada has many perks as opposed to studying in the US. Some of the perks include lower tuition fees, getting a job and starting immediately, and shorter processing time for visas. Canadian study permits provide students with the ability to work 20 hours weekly when school is in session and 40 hours per week when school is not in session.


International students in the US with F-1 visas are not eligible to work off-campus in their first academic year. The ability to work while studying is great, but being able to buy more with less money makes more sense. Students in Canada are fortunate enough that their accommodation and feeding are cheaper than for students studying in the US.

Getting Canadian work experience while studying is very important. A Canadian work experience added to a degree obtained from a Canadian University greatly increases your chances of getting permanent residency. In the US, it’s not as easy as that. You will need to get a sponsor company that will help you to continue staying in the US after your studies.

Settling into life in Canada
Knowing that you are moving from the US to Canada, you should have a plan to help you settle in quickly. You need to find a place to live, know what the general cost of living is like, what the school is like or places to work, what they are like. Upon knowing these, you need to start preparing mentally immediately. Fortunately, Canada provides one of the best services to newcomers which is mostly free.

Life in Canada is mostly good as Canada has one of the best economies in the world. Canada has a great quality of life and as such is a great place to live and work irrespective of your nationality. There are many other resources on this website that you can check and get equipped with more details about relocating from the US to Canada. We wish you the best.