LinkedIn Job Posting

LinkedIn remains a professional platform, a forum where all sorts of professionals in their different fields of endeavors assemble. You get to locate and identify with professionals who share your ideologies and professional status; key in mind to the majority of the user of LinkedIn is the job search in LinkedIn opportunities it offers. LinkedIn Job Posting is a very good source of getting jobs.


However, you can also explore topics of interest; conversations of common ideas in the LinkedIn groups available. You have also the opportunity to contact employers either through mail or any other means made available and you get to follow the companies’ platforms for useful and timely news updates whenever it’s being released.

Job search in LinkedIn has best practices; meaning to stand out in your hunting for jobs on LinkedIn you have to ensure doing some necessary things to be successful. To build an impressive network and discover the best of opportunities you must ensure the following;


Get to Find Your Right Job

  1. What sort of jobs do you want? With the help of the narrow down key on the homepage, you can filter with keywords and advance search your specific desire.
  2. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to set jobs alerts on the homepage, as such you get to screen and test the legitimacy of any offer or job post.
  3. You get the opportunity to search for jobs save them and make references to them later when you have the chance.

Make an Application and Prepare for A Job Offer

  1. While applying for a job, you have the chance of using the default resume with an additional 4 different options for different job descriptions.
  2. With the help of preparation features on the platform, you acquaint yourself with relevant tools for interview preparation.
  3. Job search on LinkedIn also offers a spreadsheet serving as a reminder of the several job offer you’ve applied for.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Page Stand Out

  1. This can happen using a summary to describe and give more information about yourself stating the type of opportunity that interest you.
  2. Alternatively, by enabling your OpenToWork feature you have automatically granted access to recruiters.
  3. To stand out, you can ask for the endorsement of skills by your connections and possibly provides you with recommendation also.
  4. Likewise, you get to take a professional skill test online to help revalidate your expertise in the field thereby showcasing your level of proficiency.

Job Search in LinkedIn by Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. By adding a current photo to your profile page
  2. Enabling recruiters aware of your current location by updating your location currently
  3. The same goes for updating your educational information.

 Through Expanding Your Professional Network, You Job Search in LinkedIn Can Be Fruitful

  1. Possible by exploring conversations and topics of interest in any of the LinkedIn groups of your choice.
  2. Following the company’s LinkedIn pages to get their most recent post can also help
  3. Connection to other LinkedIn members of similar interests through professional groups.
  4. By contacting job posters through direct mailing telling them of your interest in the job.

The list of what to do when job search in LinkedIn goes on and on; by managing your checklist you also get to achieve the same goal for a job search. For your job search, try LinkedIn Job Posting.