Some Of The Most Beautiful Cities In Europe You Need To Visit Today



History, nature, restless cities full of life, big cities and smaller ones. If you are thinking about packing, we propose cities in Europe to visit in 2019.
Are you already thinking of a new getaway alone, as a couple, family or with friends? You are ours! Therefore, we have selected the most beautiful cities in Europe to visit this year. And although there are many charming European cities such as Paris and London, we have chosen some more traditional ones and others that are far from typical for you to have different options.

1. Vilnius, Lithuania
We started this list of cities in Europe to visit this 2019 with an alternative bet. We move away from the classics, such as Paris and Rome, because the Baltic countries are stomping. Vilnius is the capital and one of the essential places to visit in Lithuania. No wonder it is the most tourist place in the nation.


Vilnius is cozy, with an old town that is pleasant to walk, with a lot of university atmosphere and terraces to overflow with people (yes, in summer). Live city where there are them.

2. Florence, Italy
They say it is an open-air museum and they are not wrong. Also, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance and in its museums there is art, but in its streets too. It is possible to go wandering around it and to recognize great sculptural and architectural works at every step.


Among all the things to do in Florence, you can’t miss the Galleria Degli Uffizi, Michelangelo’s David, the Duomo or the Ponte Vecchio. And as you are in Italy, take advantage and enjoy its cuisine: ice cream, pasta, pizza, and Chianti wine. What else can you ask for?

3.  Granada, Andalusia
That Granada is one of the best cities in Spain we already knew. But it is also one of the best cities in Europe to visit in 2019, with around 3 million tourists every year. And so many people can’t be wrong! The Alhambra, which is the most visited monument in Spain, the viewpoint of San Nicolás or the Cathedral are some of the reasons why Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

4.  Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo is one of the great strangers of Europe and, in turn, one of the charming European cities. In Sarajevo tourism revolves around history and religion, so it is most interesting. If we add to that that locals love to go outside to enjoy coffee shops and the outdoors, it results in a city full of life and atmosphere. You can’t miss getting lost in the streets of Bascarsija, the old town of Sarajevo.

5. Utrecht, The Netherlands
Although Utrecht is not the capital of the country, it has nothing to envy to Amsterdam. It is ideal for a weekend of museums, medieval courtyards, nature and urban landscapes in equal parts. There are a lot of things to do in Utrecht! It is 30 minutes from Rotterdam and 20 minutes from Amsterdam, so this year you cannot miss it if you visit Holland because it really is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

6. Gijón, Asturias
Asturias, natural paradise. And Gijón, paradise turned into one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its old town, the Praise of the Horizon, the beach of San Lorenzo with the Church of San Pedro in the background, the cider houses filled to the top, the Town Hall square and the Cuesta’l Cholo. Have we convinced you that it is one of the best cities in Europe? Atmosphere, cider, and good gastronomy are not lacking!

7. Ohrid, Macedonia
Although Macedonia may not yet be among your list of places to visit in Europe, that will change quickly! It is one of the most welcoming countries and, in large part, it is thanks to its people. And Ohrid is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Their 365 churches, one for each day of the year, and all with an eye on Lake Ohrid, with the mountains of Albania on the horizon. The landscape can not be more idyllic. Ohrid is small, quiet and with nearby attractions such as the Pelister National Park. In winter you can go skiing and, in summer, go hiking.