When submitting Canada immigration application, avoid these mistakes

Most rejected Canada immigration application happens not because the applicant did not meet the basic criteria, but because their understanding of the application process is superficial, to ensure you don’t undermine your chances of getting your application denied, you need to watch out for these seemingly inconspicuous mistakes and avoid them.


These mistakes have stopped many people from getting a visa to travel, don’t add to the number of people denied a visa, follow the info you get here.

Canada has become one the most sought after country in the world today, whether it is for the stable economy, enormous employment opportunities, quality healthcare services, Canada is welcoming to thousands of immigrants seeking a better life.


Applying for Canadian PR can be frustrating especially when you are confused about which documents you are required to submit, even small mistakes can result in your application being delayed or worst refused.

By following immigration instructions meticulously, you are sure of avoiding a heavy pitfall which hinders most immigrant’s application.


Immigration application can be daunting, it is very important you read and understand what is required of you when filling the form, you need to pay adequate attention to every form, often same information may be asked in several places.

Be sure you provide consistent information on every form, variations such as how you spell your name may mar your chances (e.g writing William Thendale on one form and William J Thendale in another form), provide an address with absolutely no gaps between dates.

Appending your signature on incorrect location or forgetting to add a signature may result in the entire application being returned which inadvertently will cause a delay.

Correct Size picture

Any mistake in picture size will have your application returned to you and cause further delay.

Your picture size must correspond to the required size by CIC. The required picture size by CIC is usually 35 mm wide and 45 mm tall with the head image a maximum of 30 mm tall.

Miscalculating Points

If you are applying for Permanent Residency through, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, and several Provincial Nominee Programs, you need to be aware they work on a points-based system. All applicants must meet the minimum required points to qualify for permanent residency.

Before submission ensure you understand how to calculate your points, if you fail to meet the minimum required points your application will likely be refused.

Wrong NOC code

To qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, an applicant must have at least one year of full-time paid work experience in one of the 29 qualifying occupations as listed in the National Occupational Classification (NOC), unless he/she has a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.

The application could be refused or returned if the visa officer observes discrepancies in the applicant’s reference letter and duties listed in the qualifying NOC.

Understanding your Personal Situation

What recommends you as a good Canadian Citizen and what could potentially slow your application process?

Immigrants wishing to migrate to Canada all have different traits, career, background and education, you should try not to copy someone else, your case might be different.

Perhaps you should try and understand the requirements and peculiarity of your application. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

Waiting For Criminal Record Checks

A criminal record checks if to confirm admissibility and it is not a basic requirement for entry.

Unless you are applying for TRP or criminal rehabilitation, you can submit your application without waiting for your criminal check that usually takes weeks or months.

Keen observers of the Canadian immigration system would notice changes that have taken place over a short period of time. If you delay submitting your application, the rules may likely change which might hamper your qualification. (In regards to the Federal Skilled Worker category, some occupations qualify and then suddenly it does not after a while).

Not Getting Professional Help

Most immigrants tend to apply for immigration programs themselves usually from the desire saving money.

But if your situation is more sensitive, you will need the services of a professional, since the entire process may require a lot of paperwork and filling and also someone to explain the terminologies therein.

Mailing Application

As per CIC regulations, you are to mail your application to the appropriate office for processing. It is best to use registered mail or courier to avoid unnecessary delays and avail you the chance to track your application to ensure it arrives at its destination.