How You Can Work While Studying English Courses In Canada

English Courses Plus Professional Practice in Canada
There are opportunities for “English Courses + Practice” programs in the following cities in Canada: Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria.


English Courses + Non-remunerated Professional Practice in Vancouver
This program is appropriate for university students who have the desire to gain work experience in their area of ​​study. This is a 100% guaranteed work practice and participants will work for a Canadian company. During this work practice, students will be able to apply what they learned in their classrooms to use it in a real work context

  • Study program: 25 hours per week
  • Prerequisite: Level 5 and complete the 8 weeks of the BEC course (Business English Certificate )
  • Program duration: 48 to 72 weeks
  • Ages: 19 to 35
  • Visa requirements: They must obtain the C30 Work / Study Permit, Working holiday visa, Young Worker Exchange visa or Study Work Abroad visa.
  • Medical insurance must be valid for the entire time of your stay.
  • English level: Students must successfully pass an English test in order to participate in this program.

Successful completion of the program 

  • Students who successfully complete all the requirements of the program will receive the following at the end of the course:
  • Certificate of Study / or Diploma in Business English
  • Academic record and evaluation provided by the Director of Studies and the Practice Coordinator Labor.
  • A Letter of Recommendation letterhead by the Host Company where the work practices were carried out.

English Courses + Non-remunerated Professional Practice in Toronto
The unpaid internship program gives you the opportunity to learn about a new field of work or take advantage of existing skills and gain experience while improving your level of English.
That’s why internships are so valuable for students. Not only does it give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real-life environment but at the same time, students are developing skills that will help them perform better in their future jobs.

Benefits of the internship:
– Gain confidence
– Gain experience
– Improve English
– Excellent references
– Improve curriculum vitae

Examples of work:
– Business administration
– Sales and marketing
– Event planning
– Hotel administration
– Travel and tourism


Services included to the student:
– Issuance of letter and application for Work Permit
– Application help for Social Security (SIN)
– Access to a catalog of offers Work
– Workshops on how to do an interview
– Help with the curriculum vitae
– Help with the cover letter
– Counselor gets job interviews
– Counselor prepares the student individually

– Be over 18 years of age
– Have a minimum level of English (level 5: upper-intermediate). It is a requirement to reach an intermediate-high level of English before you can start the work part of the program (If you are interested I can send you a quick test (30 minutes) of English to assess your level and assess how long you will need to study English before you can start the work part of the program)
– Have a student visa (with a tourist visa cannot be applied to this program)
– Register for a Cornerstone course for a minimum of 12 weeks (and as I was telling you the minimum duration of the course depends on your level of English and how long you will reach the intermediate-high level)
– Finish first the English course before you can work (In Canada it is not allowed to work for foreign students while studying)
– The work period cannot exceed the period studied, both in hours and months. For example, if you study for 3 months in a course of 28 hours per week, your work period may not exceed more than 28 hours per week for 3 months.

English Courses + Unpaid Practice in Ottawa
The study and work program is an opportunity for students to gain international work experience while improving their English skills. The study and work program helps students find unpaid work experience.

Minimum age: 19
16 weeks ESL + 16 weeks of work
or 20 weeks ESL + 20 weeks of work
or 24 weeks ESL + 24 weeks of work
Level of English to participate in the program: Intermediary (Minimum IELTS 4, CLB 5)
Minimum 1 year of previous experience
Registration and papers completed at least 2 months before the start date of the course
Successful interview with the program coordinator before starting work placement
Minimum level: high intermediate level of English (school level 4) before the start of placement in paid work, and advanced level (level 5+ from school) before the start of placement in unpaid work (voluntary practice). Some placements may require a higher level in English.
A valid Canadian study permit and a cooperative work permit (a valid Working Holiday Visa).
Enrollment in the Immersion 25 or higher program.

The unpaid study and work program is also known as professional practice. The student who participates in the SWU needs to obtain a higher level of English, and needs to have the appropriate qualifications for the practice position that interests him.

Applications for the SWU must include:
– Curriculum in English – highlighting your work experience, skills and educational training
– List of desired work areas – minimum selection of 3 areas of interest
– Evaluation by a third person of the student’s ability in languages
– A letter of introduction in English
– Contract of acceptance of the terms and conditions of the signed program.

Some areas of work:
– HR – Human resources
– Administration and General Services
– Accounting / Banking services / Finance
– IT and IT
– Hotels
– Marketing, advertising
– Travel and tourism
– Recreation.