Things You Can Do To Avoid Issues During Your Trip Abroad

What should I do during the trip abroad?


The most important thing one should have in order to avoid problems during your trip is respect: respect the country and the local population, as well as its legislation and customs.
Trafficking, consumption, and possession of narcotic substances are severely punished in many countries. Respect local legislation and customs.

The risks of trafficking, possession, and consumption of drugs are especially important. Failure to comply with local drug law often leads to difficult and even dramatic situations of detention, trial, and imprisonment abroad.


Once detained abroad, no one, not even the Consulate in the country in question, may prevent the application of the local Law to the transgressor. In case of detention and conviction, the offender will have to serve the penalty corresponding to the crime committed.

It is very important to keep in mind that in some countries there is no distinction between trafficking and drug use and that these crimes can be punished even with life imprisonment or the death penalty.


In some countries, some substances of legal use in Canada, including alcohol and certain medicines, are considered drugs and therefore their consumption, possession, and traffic are penalized. Therefore, it is important to consult the Travel Recommendations for each of the countries to visit, as well as travel with the corresponding medical prescription in the case of medicines.

Never accept packages from a stranger: they could contain drugs or any other type of merchandise or prohibited items. In case of conflict with border or customs authorities, both national and foreign, you would be responsible.

It is necessary to take special care when transporting certain products: in many countries, the traffic of artistic goods and their cultural, historical or archaeological heritage, as well as some products of animal or plant origin, is a crime. Make sure that the product has been acquired or obtained legally and that you have all the necessary permits for export.

Treat national symbols with respect, as well as local authorities. Various regulations establish penalties, sometimes very hard, for behaviors considered disrespectful of their flags, shields, and authorities.

Respect for local customs also includes paying attention to clothing. Special sensitivity is required regarding religious beliefs since certain attitudes can be a source of misunderstanding and uncomfortable situations.