How to immigrate and become a registered nurse in Canada.

With the current global pandemic, the demand for healthcare services is growing considerably high all over the world and the job prospects for nurses are expected to be above average over the next few years.


An aging population, as well as sick people, will require the services of healthcare workers, which will inadvertently result in increased demand for registered nurses.

The process for becoming a registered nurse in Canada varies depending on the province or territory in which you plan to work.



registered nurse in Canada


The foreign nursing professional can live as a temporary resident if there is a valid job offer from a registered Canadian employer

Each province has different procedures for foreign nurses applying to work in Canada.


Quebec seeks to bring the best foreign nurses to its cities, by implementing an immigration policy that reflects its
high demand for foreign nurses.

With a high salary, a rapidly expanding health care system and available jobs, are incentives that benefit qualified nurses.

The program offers foreign nurses an opportunity to seek permanent residency in Canada without the arduous task of securing a valid job offer first.

The QSW program works on a point-based system, where applicants are awarded points based on several factors such as Education, Work, experience, age, and language proficiency.

Applicants that meet the eligibility requirements of QSW are qualified to receive a QSC (Quebec Selection Certificate)

QSW considers the area of training and education highly when scoring applicants and scores given for the French language skills is marginally high.

If you meet the requirements, this is a great opportunity to immigrate to Canada and start working immediately.